The case for the Blackberry and a path for RIM

June 13, 2012

I have recently converted back to the Blackberry platform.

My road has been long. I uncomfortably said good bye to my Blackberry device a few years ago because the replacement cost for the device was very high compared to an Android or iPhone. Since then I have shuffled between the iPhone and the Android. Those are great smart phone devices . There is a lot of cool and even some useful stuff you can do with some of those applications.

I have however now found my home again with a Blackberry device and a keyboard. I love it. A Blackberry device (leaving out the non keyboard ones) does being a phone very well. It also does texting and emails very well. No really surprise there, its what it was created to do. This is the primary reason I am now back in love with the platform. I HATE the process of making a call on the Android platform, and to a lesser extent on the IPhone. An my Blackberry I press a button and I can make a call. I have not had any other device (including an ill fated Android phone with a built in hardware keyboard) that lets me read my email and respond to it more efficiently than a BB. An in the end whatI primarily use my phone for is to make calls, read email and text. Battery life blows the Android and iPhones away, clocking in 3 days in a single charge.

So in short, I love the Blackberry device because it does what it was designed for extremely well. It does not do being a tablet well at all. It is not a great device for showing off pictures, playing games, etc, and this is exactly what Blackberry needs to embrace to be successful. RIM will never invent the next iPhone and their constant attempts at making their device do what an Android or iPhone does best is doomed to failure.

RIM needs to understand that its core users, and users attracted to the platform love the simplicity and the effectiveness of the tool they sell. Go with it, make the best damn Blackberry you can but please don’t turn it into a bad copy of the iPhone. If I wanted an iPhone I would have kept it, but I found it annoying. I want hardware buttons, I can type really fast on a Blackberry (with a hardware keyboard). I can even type one handed. Try doing the on the Droid. In fact I wish RIM would bring back the scroll wheel on the side. Its awesome for quickly scrolling through my messages. I don’t want to move my finger over and use a touch screen. I don’t want to have to move over to the touchpad. I want my scroll wheel on the side. Its fast, its simple. Keep the touchpad though its useful for other things.

I plead with RIM to listen, do what you do best, do it proud, do it even better than you have so far. Make ads about owning a frustration free device. Show how much quicker you can make a call with hardware buttons. Show your great battery life. Embrace the difference, take your own path. Leave it to Google and Apple to fight it out making mini tablets that can also function as a phone. Then you can giggle at Microsoft trying to beat them at that game. Do not stop making denies with physical keyboards.

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